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“My name is Joyce Maver, Dr. Paul has helped me so much!  I have suffered with headaches, neck pain and back pain.  It had been a struggle to get through the day.  Since I have come to her my energy has been renewed.  My headaches are rare, and my neck pain has decreased!  It has been a blessing to feel good again!” - J.M.

“I was suffering with a neck pain injury was going to call my lawyer and instead called here.  I am a single mom and have to work.  For three years I couldn’t turn my head and with treatment here in less than a week I was able to turn my head.  I’m very satisfied with everything here.  Never want to go anywhere else.  Three years later sprang my left knee at work so here I am.  Nowhere else will do, I’m very happy now and pain does bring you down.  Life is good now.” - B.R.

“I came into Windsor Neck and Back due to back injury from work.  It helped me with pain; lower back now is getting better.  Before I couldn’t vacuum much now I am able to finish the job that has to be done.  I still come to get stronger.  You are a great team to work with.” - N.T.

“I came into Dr. Mike’s office in constant pain every day in my back and stiff slumped posture and now I am virtually pain free in my back and my posture has improved drastically.” - J.P.

“Initial adjustments were had to feel the change.  After a couple of weeks I started feeling much better.  No more migraines, pain has been reduces to minimal.  Thank.” - D.M.

“I have experienced neck and back pain for years.  My job requires a lot of computer work which aggravates this issue, to the point where range of motion becomes minimal.  Coming to Dr. Elizabeth Paul on a regular basis has changed my life!  The pain level has greatly reduced and range of motion has improved so much – even during stressful times at work.

Dr. Elizabeth Paul is very knowledgeable, efficient and caring.  Her treatments have given me so much relief.  Thank you so much!!” -Anonymous

“I have been coming to Windsor Neck and Back for 15 years.  My first initial visit, I had some neck and shoulder issues and Dr. Murgic was very instrumental in absolutely diminishing amd, I would say completely made me feel at ease from the start. He really cares about his patients.

I continue my monthly maintenance with their chiropractic care.  When his wife joined the team, I started seeing her as she was very educational in her kinesiology and her methods of chiropractic care.  She is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable.  I have had a couple of injuries in the last few years and have been completely pain free by these two amazing doctors.  I continues to see them as a maintenance and preventative program and enjoy seeing them and the office staff.  These two individuals and staff truly care about their patients and have helped me considerably.

I highly recommend them to anyone.” -Anonymous

“I hurt my lower back when I jumped and landed on one foot from up high.  Within two days I couldn’t even lean forward let alone bend down.  One visit to Dr. Elizabeth Paul and the pain was a lot less.  By the end of eight weeks I was leaving the office feeling pain free.” -Anonymous

“I started coming to see Dr. Elizabeth Paul about 12 years ago.  I had back pain so severe that I passed out.  I went to Dr. Paul and after my first visit I was about 80% better and after my second visit, I was 100% better.  She is amazing I still come about once a month to see her or Dr. Mike Murgic to have adjustments.

I couldn’t live as well without them!” -Anonymous

“Experiencing sever back pain unable to stand straight is when I met Dr. Elizabeth Paul, referred to by my brother.  She explained what treatment I needed and got to work.  She has great bedside manners, she packs a lot of punch in her tiny body that causes severe pain that also helped, no pain no gain.  Now I go once a month for maintenance.  She made me feel relaxed at my worst time!

Thank you Dr. Elizabeth Paul” -Anonymous

“I started seeking treatment at Windsor Neck and Back Care Center for chronic sinus headaches, pressure in my face and a constant ear popping.  After my first visit there was a dramatic decrease in the sinus pressure and by my third visit the headaches I had been waking up with were gone.  I am so grateful I found this very welcoming practice with an awesome well informed and very helpful staff.” -Anonymous

“I came into Windsor Neck and Back unable to move my neck.  After doing constant visits for 5 weeks, I am able to do full neck rotations and am feeling better than I was when I first come here.” -Anonymous

“I have had Chronic back and leg problems for 50 years, gradually getting worse as I age.  I appreciate the way Mike and Elizabeth listen to my problems and then attack the source of the pain instead of symptoms.  Neck and shoulder movement has increases and overall mobility maintained.  My back brace helps me do yard work and chores.” -Anonymous

“I came to Windsor Neck and Back with a permanently injured back.  It hurt all the time no matter what I did. Sind I have been coming the pain comes less and less.  The nerve pain to my leg rarely occurs now, only happens when I’m not taking care of myself. I recently was involved in a car accident which aggravated my injuries, headaches and shoulder pain.  Over the past few weeks the headaches have occurred less frequently, both Dr. Mike and Dr. Elizabeth have their different techniques of treatment but combined they help.  Allowing me to do more on my own than I have in a very long time as I live on my own.” -Anonymous


“I slept wrong and it caused my shoulder to have a lot of pain.  This made it nearly impossible to sleep or do anything with my right arm.  After the first treatment I was able to sleep at night again and the pain went down drastically.  After a couple more treatments the pain didn’t exist.  With more treatments I have felt stronger then before and I making action to better my health.” - P.M.

“My shoulder is feeling much better.  I am glad I decided to come.  I would recommend to any of my friends to come if they were having problems.” - B.H.

“My shoulder was very sore and through continuous regime of stretches and therapy from Dr. Mike Murgic and his staff.  The road to recovery was soon in on the horizon.  For two month I have had no more numbness in my shoulder and hand.  Thanks to Mike Mugic and Elizabeth Paul.” -Anonymous

“Burning sensation in my right shoulder from work activities, very painful.  Did exercises with direct pressure applied and finished.  Did exercises with direct pressure applied and finished with tens therapy over a period of 13 visits.  Results shoulder feels better and stronger.” - J.R.


“Came in complaining of my sciatica in left leg.  Slowly but surely have gained mobility in my leg when I experienced a setback.  I received immediate attention and was able to walk after the first treatment after setback.  The husband and wife team have been courteous and attentive to my needs.” - R.F.


“From the day of my first treatment September 25, 2014, I feel extremely better.  I was seeking treatment due to my work place injury from September 8, 2014.  I can now stand for longer than I did at first, bending over is much easier.  My breathing has improved dramatically.  I no longer have severe pain in my ribs (upper right sides of back) the treatment program I am on is really helping with my mobility.  For 2 weeks after injury, I was very immobile, in extreme pain.  As of today I feel great, depending on the task at hand, I have moderate to mild pain.  This treatment I believe has been very successful in my recovery.” - J.A.

“I came to Windsor Neck and Back by accident to get a tennis-elbow brace.  Then it turned out to see and talk to the receptionist then to Dr. Elizabeth Paul and I decided to start my treatments.  I started coming twice a week and after 15 visits it has improved 95% and I would come back any time.  I recommend Windsor Neck and Back to anyone.” -Anonymous


“When I first came in, I could barely walk.  Since coming here, I am able to walk straight and more around a lot better.  Dr. Mike Murgic is the best.  Also, I can now stand longer than 10 minutes at a time.” - P.N.

“When I first started therapy I could hardly move, after a few short visits I started feeling better.  I feel 75 % better now, then when I started.  I am definitely getting better every day I can feel it.” -Anonymous

“When I first came in I couldn’t stand up straight or sit down at all.  Dr. Mike has straightened my back issues and provided relief so that I can now walk straight and am able to sit for longer periods of time without discomfort.” - D.S.

“After nursing my two sons for 3 years I was in constant pain.  I started seeing Dr. Elizabeth Paul and within weeks I was no longer experiencing back and neck pain.  Dr. Elizabeth went above and beyond the call of duty to bring me to a state of optimal health.

Thank you!” -Anonymous


“I moved from Michigan to Windsor for a job opportunity.  I sold my furniture, home, and waited 4 months for my work permit to be approved, so I had a tremendous amount of stress in my life.  However, one of my biggest anxieties was how would I find and A.K Chiropractor? I had mine in Michigan for over 30 years!

My muscles in my legs, hips, arms and shoulders were not working properly due to all of this stress.  In Michigan went to the gym daily and did yoga weekly, but in Windsor I had difficulty sitting in a chair and especially difficult going up and down stairs.  Then I asked the Good Life Chiropractor if she knew of any A.K. Chiropractors and she found Windsor Neck and Back.  My journey back to recovery began – it was so good to have a chiropractor work on the root cause of my problems again.  I now do all the activities that I used to do.

Thank you Elizabeth, Mike and the office crew!!

You have made my experience in this country a good one.” -Anonymous

Take a moment to experience what some of our patients have to say
about the customized care here at Windsor Neck & Back Care Centre.

Dr. Murgic and his team are great.  I came to see Dr. Murgic for neck issues that had bothered me for months.  Within a couple visits I felt relief in my neck, which I haven’t had in months.  I can’t thank Dr. Murgic and his team enough for getting me back to my normal routines.   - S.D.

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